George Synan

I was horrified to discover that former director George Synan has agreed to take part in a Q & A on fans website PASOTI. I don’t know why he wants to do this or what he will get out of it.

Two years have now passed since the M7 left Home Park for the last time (well most of them) and it is my firm believe that we must all move on.  I have no problems with any of them attending Home Park as long as they cross the clubs palm with silver. 

This Q & A could lead to yet another split in the fan base, everybody has an opinion of the events of 2011 so why give these people the oxygen they all so crave? 


A sons best friend

I consider my-self lucky in many respects. I have good parents, some brilliant mates and I have my health.

However at times, and I think that is human nature that we take things for granted. Last weekend the family descended on Portsmouth for a family wedding, great night out but with me having a few I blurted something out that I now regret.

Any how what is done is done. We have moved on and we are united and I am proud to call John & Vi my parents, not only are they my parents but for the first time in my life I also found out they are my best mates.

The conversation I had with my father last Tuesday night really touched me and that the majority of stuff that has happened in my life was always done with the best of intentions.

So thanks Mum & Dad, just so sorry you had to find out like that, love you both!

Time to reflect

Sitting at home with nothing to do for the first time in three weeks always makes me feel vulnerable. Throughout the last weeks I have lived of the adrenalin and excitement of the elections and the fact that Argyle have secured their football league status.

When feeling like this I always turn to my mate Chris Webb, Chris has the ability to make you feel good about my-self and without slapping my own back he was correct in what he said.

Chris stated that I have a lot to be proud of, helped to save our football club, being true to my-self he also stated that I played a role putting the Labour Party back in the game.

So note to self stop feeling sorry get up and go because if I want to live my dream and become an MP I need to be stronger.

Tycroes Election Victory and Beyond (Buddugoliaeth Etholiad Tycroes a Thu Hwnt)


So Tycroes Electrol division remains in the hands of Welsh Labour and I am sure there new councillor will do the area proud.

I had to choose where I would base my-self during the last three weeks of the campaign, would I stay in London to help Ken, go to Plymouth to help Tudor or do I goto Llanelli to help my old mates?  Well I decided to go and lend a hand in Llanelli, in all honestly it was always going to be LLanelli.

Most of my time was spent with Calum Higgins up in Tycroes, we knocked on 99% of doors leafleted every corner of the ward and talked to businesses, at 2100 hours on Thursday 3rd May we could do no more.  We put down our pencils sent the records back to the office before we made our way down into Llanelli for the verification.

We were late for the postal vote and had no real indication of how many ballots had been returned by post, we then had to wait three hours before the verification of the votes cast on the day.  Finally the time came they emptied the box onto the table and to my horror it looked as thou we had lost, I did all the calculations and after talking to Nia who did some sampling I thought we had lost by ten.  I could not look at Calum as I had predicted a majority of 150 over Plaid.  I finally told Calum that I thought we had lost, he could not hide the disappointment on his face. We went back to the hotel with a couple of bottles of wine feeling sick to the core, but then my brain clicked in how could we possibly have lost on the calculations I have done. So I told Calum not to panic and it may well come good.

I have to say that inside I was still sacred but some how we needed to get through the night and if the truth be known I did not sleep a wink as was I am sure the same for Calum.

0900 on Friday morning we headed to the Selwyn Samuel centre for the actual count, we then had to wait 4 hours before the counting took place. The count took about half an hour and still in the back of my head I was worried, but then things took a turn for the good.

We had indeed not done an accurate count of postal votes, that is a hard lesson for both Calum and I and in any future count I will turn up on time. So with all the votes counted and the piles separated we could see we had won, god I have never been so received we did a jig had a big hug and it would not be a true drama if I had not cried. The majority was 65 so my calculation of 150 did not look so bad and if all our promises had turned out that would have been the majority.

We then headed of down to the pub for lunch a couple of drinks to celebrate. During that lunch the new Councillor Higgins said he could not have done it without me, and that I tell you meant a lot to me he also stated that when I decide to run I will have his full support.  Diolch yn fawr Calum.

In the evening we had a few drinks with friends which was enjoyable.

I have known Calum for just over a year, we have had our up’s and downs but this campaign has really cemented our friendship.

Finally thanks to John Petrie, Merion, Lynn, Glan and Caitlin for there help and support throughout. Calum when I say I am happy and proud of you I mean it, I wish you the very best of luck over the next five years.

Just one note Councillor Higgins is the youngest representative on Carmarthenshire County Council.

8 Points Clear, Your Having A Laugh!

All season we have been looking over our shoulders, but on Saturday we could be celebrating league two survival.  Celebrating league two survival I hear you shout, well if you had the problems Argyle had you would be celebrating.

After the final whistle on Monday you could feel the weight leave the shoulders of all connected with Plymouth Argyle.

I have to say that at the end of January it would not have been possible to survive the trap door but it looks like I have been proven wrong by Carl Fletcher and the boys..

So I urge all Argyle supporters get your-selves to Swindon on Saturday to see Argyle finally secure their future in League two.

What ever happens we have a club and we have the best supporters in the world.

Easter Fun with Llanelli Labour

Well back home in London after a brilliant weekend, I can not believe how quick the Easter holidays have gone and it only seems like 5 minutes ago that I left my house at 6am to catch the train to Llanelli via Chancery lane.

Thursday I was picked up from the station as planned, what did surprise me is that we had an unplanned trip to Carmarthen.  It was not a wasted journey as we went to print of a 1000 leaflets to deliver in Tycroes. 

After a bit of door knocking we left Tycroes to make the short but picturesque journey to Ffwrnes to meet up with Keith and Heddyr for a night out, a pint in the Stradey Arms followed by a pint in Y Bucket and then of to the Indian restaurant for a bite to eat, as usual we did not hold back on the drink and talked about the events of last year. I can not believe it is a year since we successfully defeated Plaid to take the Llanelli seat.  I think we ended back in the Stradey Arms, well that would account for the sore head.

Friday morning started early as I had a train to catch to Hereford, it is less than 90 miles but it takes over 2 and half hours.  I must say the journey from Newport to Hereford is pleasant.  The game it’s self was not a classic but Argyle came away with a point it could have been more but the god’s were not with us.  I did plan to meet with Heddyr and Keith but H came down with a bug, the whole family has now suffered with the same bug hope I am not next!  I decided to give Nia a call, we met at the Labour Party offices had fish and chips, and then went back to Chapman Street for some home-made wine where we met with David Darkin, it must have been a good night as I found my-self asleep on the settee.

Saturday was a full day’s campaigning in Tycroes, Labour’s vote in that village is strong but what was apparent was the real dislike of the Lib Dems. Talking of the Lib Dem’s they have not even fielded a candidate in Tycroes, running scared?

In the evening we had a meal at the Stradey, great company but why is it every time we eat their Nia’s meal always turns up after everyone elses?  Any how it did not take long for Keith, Heddyr and Iolo to devour their meals.

Sunday was again a great day after doing a bit of work for Nia, I was taken to Ferryside for Sunday lunch and later in the day I got a tour of Pembrokeshire and met with Betty.  Betty is a 90-year-old Labour Party member who drives both a car and a scooter and enjoys the odd cigarette or five. Then Nia took me to see Suzy where I was offered another Sunday lunch!!

The day was finished of in the Stradey before heading back to Caedelyn to put the world to rights.

Today we printed of some leaflets for Lillian and Sharon before catching the train back to London. I always find that journey back lonely but guy’s and girls I will be back.

See you all soon.


Welsh Labour Party Conference

Cardiff was the host City for this years Welsh Labour Party Conference, I have to say I was very impressed with the setup at the SWALEC stadium.

I travelled with Bronaugh from London we treated our-selves to a bottle of Bucks -Fizz, packet of dry roasted nuts and some dark chocolate. We know how to party! On arrival into Cardiff Central we were met by Calum Higgins and Johnte Lloyd the traditional group hug to welcome each other than we took the short taxi ride to the Bed & Breakfast drop of our luggage then the short walk to the Y Mochyn Du (The black pig) to sample just some of the fine ales they have we then moved on to the City Arms (Pub opposite the millenium Stadium) to sample a couple of more before moving onto get something to eat.  After dinner we decided to take a Taxi back to Faulty Towers.

We decide that we would have a couple of hours sleep then hit the Town, well we all fell asleep and the next thing we knew it was the morning.  We met up with Calum at 9 O’Clock for breakfast it should have been 8 but the boy was late, after breakfast we went over to the Conference centre to listen to the main speeches and to network,  I have to say I was very impressed with Ed Milliband it was the most powerful and passionate speech he has given since becoming leader, once again the Party are getting behind our leader and hopefully not long before we swap benches with the Tories.

After Ed’s speech we went to the Y Mochyn Du to support Keith Davies the AM for LLanelli speech on poverty, in fairness there was free ale and cawl that was the real attraction, we met up with Ray his Son and Laurie and did a tour of the Cardiff pubs that is where I have to start making the story up because it is all a bit of a haze from here on there.  All I know is that I had a great time with great mates.  The sleeping arrangements at the B&B were a wee bit bizarre I have to say but that is another story for another day.

Sunday was a quiet event, went to conference did a wee bit more networking listened to a couple of speeches and sang the Red Flag!  Happy days proud to be Labour.

We finished the weekend in style having lunch with Nia Griffith MP and a couple of glasses of wine before we headed back to London.

Once again the weekend would not have been complete without my mates so thanks to Calum, Johnte, The Pound in the Ground, Raymondo, Keith, Nia and my new mate Laurie.

See you all again soon, oh nearly forgot when the final result came through on the Television in the pub I went mad.

What a weekend an Argyle win and a Labour Conference.